The Boy Next Door

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The Boy Next Door

Part 1

Let me take just a minute to tell you a little about myself. My name is Jessica, I?m a housewife, fighting the seven-year itch, and I consider myself very /cute/">cute and a people person. My husband loves me but he travels most of the week, leaving me home to take care of our large rambling home in the suburbs of Chicago. If you had asked me a week ago to describe my life I would have said it was average, but that was a week ago?

My neighbor, Sara, came over in a panic early this week. Her mother had taken ill and she had to leave for the city to tend to her needs. She asked me if I could look after her 18-year-old stepson, David, just for the night. Now I didn?t really know David, other than a few short conversations in my backyard. He was a good-looking kid, tall and rather muscular. He seemed shy and withdrawn though, spending all of his time at home with his mom but I attributed that to the death of his father some three years ago. My husband, Jack, was out of town till Friday so I agreed to watch David till morning.

I picked him up at school around 4pm as I had promised. I thought it might be nice to go out for a bite to eat to kind of kill the time and David agreed. He liked Italian so we went to a little restaurant Jack and I enjoyed going to. He seemed very mature for his age but my conversation that evening led me to believe that he was very dependent on Sara. It seemed she was all he was able to talk about, like she was the center of his universe. We finished our meal and started our drive home. David seemed to be a little more talkative, telling me a little about his past. His /mom/real-mom/">real mom died when he was born and his dad raised him until he died a few years ago. Sara has been his life since then and they?ve become real close. We arrived home around nine and sat down in front of the tube. A few minutes later David popped out of his chair and said it was time for his bath. It took me by /surprise/">surprise but I showed him to the bathroom and got him a towel, ?shout if you need anything? I said as I left the room.

I?d almost forgotten he was in there when I heard him shout ?I?m ready, you can wash me now?. Not sure what I had just heard I went to the door and asked him if he had said something. He replied ?you can wash me now, I?m ready?. I wasn?t sure just what to do, so I entered the room and closed the door behind me. David was sitting in the tub, waist high in bubbles, holding a washcloth and soap. ?You want me to wash your back for you? I asked. ?Sara washes everything for me? he said as he handed me the cloth. I wasn?t sure how to react; did Sara wash him all over? After all, he was 18 years old! I took the cloth from his hand and proceeded to wash his back and shoulders; he tipped his head from side to side as I moved the cloth over his neck. I must admit, I was kind of enjoying it. I moved to his chest and he leaned back a little and closed his eyes, I almost died when I saw penis lift through the suds. Embarrassed, I quickly moved the towel up his chest. He opened his eyes, leaned forward and lifted himself to his feet and turned to face the wall. I just couldn?t believe it, I found myself staring at his firm buttocks now directly in front on my face. This was definitely odd, what had Sara been up to these last three years? I moved the washcloth over his young body; it was very muscular, as I had thought. He moved his feet apart, letting me know he expected me to wash between his legs. I could see that he had a full erection and was astonished to see that he was bigger than Jack. I soaped up the cloth and moved it between his legs; he took a deep breath as I touched his balls. His body tensed, seemingly with anticipation. I reached in further and placed the cloth around his firm shaft, he placed his hands on the wall and moaned a little. ?Stroked it for me? he murmured, ?Sara does?. The words he spoke drove a feeling through me that I can?t explain. It was an emotion I had never felt before, one I enjoyed immensely. Without thinking, I placed one hand on his firm buttocks and with the other I began stroking him. It wasn?t long before I dropped the towel and felt my hand on his bare muscle. His was hard as a rock and pulsing, I could feel myself getting wet and my heart was pounding like a schoolgirl. His muscle was throbbing in my hand, I could feel him ready to climax. His buttocks stiffened and he let out a loud moan as he shot his creamy white fluid right to the wall. He pumped several times, hitting the tile each time. I couldn?t believe my eyes, the amount of cum he stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv shot, and the force, he was a sexual powerhouse like I?d never seen. I grabbed the cloth and soaped it up. He flinched as I washed him off, ?was that ok? I asked as I cleaned him off. ?Yep? he replied as he took the cloth from my hand.

I left the room, still in shock. My heart still pounding I went to my room. The whole episode got me so horny I was beginning to shake. I removed my jeans as I hopped across the room to an overstuffed chair in the corner. I snuggled in and began to re-enact the whole thing in my mind. I just couldn?t believe it, it was as if it was and every day occurrence for him, did Sara get him off like this all the time? He was her stepson, but he is so young? My mind wandered as my fingers soothed white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie my aching clit. My eyes opened as I was about to climax and there was David, just standing there, looking at me! Embarrassed, I grabbed a piece of clothing to cover myself. ?I didn?t mean to startle you, the door was open?. ?I can do that for you, I do it for Sara?. I almost couldn?t talk, ?that?s ok? I said, ?maybe some other time?. Some other time! My God, what was I thinking? I was just so embarrassed. He caught me off guard. He left the room and I just sat there for a while, stunned. I got my head together and slipped one of Jacks old shirts on, a soft cotton one. When I entered the living room David was watching TV, he looked at me kind of distant. ?You?re not mad at me are you? I asked. He looked at me and said, ?I could have done it for you, you did it for me?. ?Yes you could? I replied, ?but this is all so new for me, I didn?t know what to say. ?How long have you been doing this?, I asked. ?About a year? he replied, but just with Sara. ?Tell me more? I replied, this excites me. 

This shy young man spilled his guts to me. He told me that, about two years ago, Sara was giving him a bath, his muscle began to get hard and he got very embarrassed. She comforted him and explained why he was hard. Evidently, she explained about the pleasure you can get when you have intercourse, this excited him and he wanted to know if the excitement came only from intercourse. She went on to explain masturbation! I couldn?t believe my ears, she had not only told him everything, she had shown him! And she?s been doing him ever since. He had noticed that after every time she did it she went to her room for a while. Curious, David took a peek one night. I was all ears and David knew I was interested. He went on to tell me how Sara would lay on her bed, naked and rub herself; she would start by touching her breasts and nipples. Her legs would spread and she would rub her fingers between her legs. She would moan and wiggle until her butt would rise up off the bed. She shook and quivered then lay there. I figured she felt the way I did when she did me. ?How did you learn to do her?. ?I asked. I asked her at the dinner table one night? He replied. ?You just asked her,? I said. ?Sure, why not? he replied. ?Anyway, she told me that she would probably like it as much as I did, so we did it, just like that! I wasn?t good at first, my fingers just didn?t? work like hers so she asked me to use my tongue. She showed me how to lick her till she got hard and how to know when she was ready to climax. 

Now all this talk was getting me excited, I was unconsciously squirming in my seat. David looked at me and said ?are you sure I can?t do it for you, Sara says I?m really good?. I couldn?t stand it any longer, ?I?d like you to, but it would have to be our secret?. He smiled and replied, ?Ok, it?s our secret?. I took his hand and we moved to my chair in the bedroom. I snuggled in and David knelt before me, his hands touching the tops of my legs. What on earth was I doing I thought to myself, am I nuts? He proceeded to stroke the insides of my thighs, driving me wild. My hands quickly moved to my /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the next few minutes. Sara had taught him well, he licked me near climax then stopped, teasing me, kissing my thighs. His tongue dove into /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy, licking my juices. Soft moans slipped from his lips as he ate me. He drew my lips into his mouth and I could wait no longer, I climaxed wildly and poured /sweet/">sweet cum into his mouth. He held his mouth tight on my lips and I shook and quivered. I can?t remember ever having such a violent climax. It was very late so I tucked David into the bed in the spare room and dozed off in mine.

The next afternoon, Sara returned. I had told myself that I wasn?t going to mention the night before; I just wasn?t sure what her reaction would be. We had coffee and chatted a while. ?Was David ok last night?? she asked. Taking it the wrong way, I almost choked on my coffee. ?He was just great ?I replied with a smile. She knew something was up because she turned beet red and said, ?Did he?take a bath?? ?Oh yeah? I replied and chuckled uncontrollably. Sara put her face in her hands and started to cry. ?You must think terribly of me,? she sobbed. ?On the contrary, Sara, I wish I had it so good?. She lifted her hands from her face and looked at me, ?Do you mean it? ?You don?t think I?m horrible? A sigh of relief fell over her. ?In the confusion, I forgot to tell David how to conduct himself. ?He conducted himself just fine? I said with a smile. ?Tell me more about you guys,? I asked. She told me pretty much the same as David, but she told me something more. She was really /scared/">scared of falling in love with another man for fear that he would die, David?s father was her third and all had died unexpectedly. She explained that she knew that what she had with David was wrong, but it was so safe. And she had gotten everything that she ever wanted, someone to care for and someone to get close to. Her only problem now was David?s age, he was getting to old for what they were doing, and she didn?t know how to stop it, she wasn?t even sure if she wanted to stop it. She was starting to cry again, ?I?m so afraid of being alone?. A rush moved through my body as I looked at her, another feeling I had never experienced. I rose from my chair, put my arms around her and said, ?I won?t leave you alone?. We looked at each other and kissed. It was the most natural thing I had ever done, our tongues danced wildly as our hands moved over each other?s bodies. My heart began to pound as it did when I was with David. I wanted her and she wanted me, ours lips parted as we looked into each other?s eyes, ?do we dare? I asked. ?I think we have to? Sara replied with a smile.

We quickly move to the bedroom where we resumed kissing. My lips covered her face and neck as I unbuttoned her blouse and remove her bra. Her breasts we full and firm, she was obviously in great shape. My excitement grew as I looked at her. I stood before her and without moving my eyes from hers, removed my dress. Sara smiled with delight; we were like two school children with a grand new toy. We explored each other for what seemed like forever, I felt so comfortable with her. Sara seemed to take charge, the excitement was killing me, first David and now Sara, my head was spinning. She moved her mouth to my nipple and began to suck gently. Her sucking grew stronger as she realized I enjoyed it and boy did I enjoy it! My hands rubbed the soft skin of her back while she enjoyed my breasts. My hands moved to her shoulders as she moved her head lower, still kissing me. My fingers combed her hair as she moved her head between my legs. Like a pro, she began kissing and licking my clitoris. It throbbed and grew larger as she sucked it into her mouth. She licked it with her tongue as she held it tight in her lips. She knew just how to please me. It wasn?t long before she brought me to a climax more violent than I had had with David. She smiled as she licked cum from my inner thighs. She looked a little embarrassed at her enjoyment, almost like she shouldn?t have enjoyed it. I moved to do her as she put her hands on me, ?just lay there? she said so I did just that.

She lifted herself to her knees and straddled me, up around my breasts. She placed my arms under her knees, ?I want you to watch me? she said with a devilish smile. Her hands moved down her body, caressing it sensually. Her eyes watched mine as she moved her long slender fingers down to her warm mound. Her tongue rimmed her lips as her fingers opened her flower. ?Do you like it? she asked. I just moaned as I watched her. She masturbated to climax while I watched her. I was so excited. The sweet cum dripped from her onto my breasts, it was warm and silky. She leaned to kiss me and whispered ?lick me clean, pretty please?. I slid down between her legs and did just that.