We Got This Chapter 1

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We Got This Chapter 1

Author's note: After a long time away from writing, I have a reason to pick up a pen again. Couple of quick things first. About 95% of what I plan to write for this story and other chapters will be honest. Sometimes it will be 100%, but there are some things that I may omit. Second, if feedback is good I will ’try’ to add new chapters regularly. This one chapter has been in the works for the better part of a month so patience is appreciated. That said, I hope you enjoy reading!


The end of last year and start of this year had put me through a ringer. I had gone from ending a relationship where I was unhappy for a long time, to accidentally rekindling something that was toxic as can be, and then having a wishful, but inevitably short-lived fling. I was emotionally drained, felt used, and couldn't imagine when the spiraling circle of failed romances was going to stop. The light of my day was going home to see my two fur balls. The simple fact of someone waiting to see you when you open the door at the end of the day makes everything worth it, to me at least. Boys can be fickle, but animals always love you and my cats were no exception. Anyway, through all the unpleasantness that I was struggling to find a way out of, it’s a miracle I was still paying attention and trying’..because the next thing I knew, I met him. 

Here’s where our story began:

We met through a very un-romantic gateway, but hit if off messaging one another and the next thing I knew, I had given him my phone number and we began texting left and right. I felt joy and excitement in sharing trivia about myself while he shared details about himself with me. His name is Nial, he loves spooky things, theme parks, more of a country boy. Which has led to many friendly disagreements over our time together, considering I’m a city kid through and through, but more on that later. He had brown hair and was the wwwxxx rocking a long, swooping hair style when we met, which went well with his wonderful greenish-blue eyes and his big smile (I swear, from the beginning, he always has a grin going from ear to ear). He wasn’t as thin as me when we met, but he had a little muscle definition. I’m much the same as I was in my last story, though that was nearly two years ago now. Blue eyes, brown hair (though I keep it a bit shorter now), and still thin as a twig.

I had always heard my parents talk about meeting someone who they never had to try to get along with, who they immediately just clicked and became friends with. Inside of a week, that was where Nial and I stood. We had a few similar interests, just enough to cover the basics and have good conversations, but our personalities seemed to be where we aligned the most. Either one of us could go off on a tangent and /geek/">geek out about something for the better part of an hour while the other would be nodding along and listening intently. Eventually, things were going so well virtually, we agreed that meeting one another in person would be a good idea and settled on a place for dinner about a week after we began talking. We were on such a good roll at that point though, we decided to meet and just hangout before going to dinner one night.

I think it was a Tuesday night at the end of January when Nial and I met for the /first-time/">first time. The original plan was to get a coffee or something, but we ended up just going to his dorm and watching TV. I learned that night that he was a massive fan of all things Disney and he was damn good at cuddling. We are the same height, but I somehow ended up being the little spoon. Not that I was complaining, mind you. He was really good at this, after all. At one point that night I started to wonder how I had gotten there or if I had made the right decision. After everything that had happened in the last couple months, I wasn’t confident in myself. The entire night though, he didn’t make any advances toward me and went at my pace. Even though I could totally feel his /boner/">boner at one point, neither of us acted on it during our first encounter, which made him more desirable to me as someone who knows how to keep it in their pants and be patient for something good to happen. At the end of the night we went our separate ways and were both looking forward to what we then started to referring to as a date night.

Fast forward a couple of days and we are sitting down at dinner. I was nervous still and I could tell he was too, but we ended up having a great evening. Not a couple of weeks later, Nial and I decide to start dating. We were definitely in the honeymoon stage for the remainder of the semester and it was fun! I will admit that I had my reservations when we first started out. I was very comfortable with who I was at that point, but while he was aware of his sexuality, I felt like he was not on the same level I was. This would inevitably irk me now and then like when I wanted to hold his hand or something in public, but he wasn’t comfortable being seen. Nevertheless, I knew he cared in his own way and that made me content.

Our biggest challenge to date at that point was me leaving for a /trip/">trip out of the country with only about two months under our belt. I was pretty nervous because we were on stable ground, but this was the first successful romance I had been in for a while and I really didn’t want to mess things up. Hands down though, spending the time that I did in Ireland was one of the best decisions I ever made for me. I could not get enough of the sights, the food (Irish people REALLY know how to cook), the culture, the coffee and’.well, the food! The time zones were brutal for us though. Nial didn’t have classes until the afternoon each day and I was four hours ahead of him. So roughly the time I was starting to think about dinner, he was waking up and going to class number one. Add to the fact that jet lag kills and I was asleep by nine every night, we didn’t have a lot of time to talk each day. The first thing I wanted to do when I landed back home though was jump into his arms for a hug and he was there, ready and waiting. After nearly two weeks on the road with limited contact and returning home to find no feelings had changed between us, I was really feeling confident about our relationship.

From there, we both worked on wrapping up our classes on a high note, but spending as much time as we could together. He was an ace with some of the homework that I couldn’t fathom and I understood some of his better than he did, so there were nights where we swapped laptops and knocked out each other’s assignments. Study nights aren’t the most intimate things in the world, but I would give him a teasing poke or pose when I could. I would say one of the most memorable of our intimate moments though was when his birthday rolled around. He hates when other people spend money on him and he always insisted (and still to this day does) on paying for everything. It’s a hugely attractive gesture, but I’m fairly independent and I want to also contribute equally to our outings. So, I bought him the best theme park shirt I could find. It was him 110% and I may have teased him a little that I had bought him something, which drove him nuts, but that was the plan.

The night we celebrated his birthday, I had him come over to my apartment. I knew that things would probably get steamy that night and I wanted to be in my bed when they did. Dorms are just gross, to me, and don’t offer a lot in the way of privacy. Anyway, I give him his present and he laughs, admitting that it is perfect for him. We lay down on the couch for a movie of his choosing (he was the /birthday/birthday-boy/">birthday boy, after all) and all of a sudden I feel his boner behind me. Being that it was his birthday, I wanted to give it to him, but I decided to be a little coy and pretend I didn’t notice, while subtly moving into it from time to time. One thing lead to another and then we were making out while my hands roamed his chest, aiming a little south so I could feel his dick. Now, my couch really isn’t meant for more than one person to lay on, let alone two boys who are full of hormones and rolling around, so I manage to slow his advances down long enough to get to my bedroom and he proceeds to throw me on the bed.

I like a little bit of rough so I was happy to let him toss me around some. He’s now on top of me and pushing his hips into mine while we are non-stop making out. I give his shirt a tug and he whips wwwxxx it off, letting me get closer to his body and in a flash, my shirt is gone too and he is working on my belt. Now we are rolling around, bare-chested and mostly trouser less, I’m making out with his neck and playing with his hair when I reach up to his ear and he squirms out of pleasure. This makes him throw me back under him and he does the same to me! With me basically immobilized by this motion, the last of our clothing disappears to the floor and I started bobbing on his dick. He’s such the right size for me, it’s uncanny. We’ve never measured each other but he’s between seven or eight inches and I took most of him each time I went down. Up and down for about five minutes before he made me stop and flip over. He was now behind me and pulling me up toward him while I felt him poking at my rear. He just kept moving between my legs and I realized he was doing it to tease me because he also leaned forward and with an arm around my chest, pulled me fully into him and sucked on my neck.

To say I instantly melted and was immobilized for the second time in one night is an understatement. At that point we both wanted it so he grabbed a nearby condom and a little lube to put on his dick, then slowly slide into me until I could feel his hips right behind me. I gasped when he bottomed out because his size hit me so perfectly. Mistaking that I was in pain, he stopped instantly to ask if I was okay, but instead of giving him a response, I just leaned back into him again, feeling him glide all the way in me once more. Nial took the hint and started nailing me, hard. I was moaning as the shockwave of pleasure hit me over and over and so was he. I really couldn’t hold myself anymore and started jerking myself off as he continued to fuck me. Maybe a minute later I shouted that I was about to cum but before I could, he turned my head, made out with me for half a second and rammed me one last time before he exploded and before the rest of that half second was over, so did I.

We fell over and lay together for a moment, just catching our breath. He looked at me and I looked at him, both of us leaning in for a kiss. Then, with feeling returning to our legs, we moved to get up and shower off. In the shower at that moment and every time we shower together now. I look at Nial and realize, I have it all.

*** I hope to hear from whoever reads this. Send me a message! It has been a long time since I felt inspired to write, but the story between Nial and I is ongoing and has lots more to be told and written about. I will work on writing more if you all seem to like where this goes.