The Waitor

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The Waitor

It was my Lene's birthday, she was 18. We went to an all you can eat buffet for her birthday in town. When we arrived we were greated by the hottest guy ever! He was 6ft tall, wore hot black trousers and a blue pin striped shirt, he sported a rather cheesy name tag which read "Hello real forced anal against her will My Name Is...SCOTT". Scott was about 6ft tall, short black hair,mysterious brown eyes and had quite large abs from what we could see of him. My friend Lene asked for a table for 6 and Scott lead us to a table which was situated next to the ladies toilets. 

Lene wasn't very happy but Scott insisted that it was the best we could have saying we hadn't booked. "Sorry ladies, can I get you any drinks" he asked in a hot smoothGeordie voice, he was standing to the right of me, whilst I was sitting down so when I turned to the right basically his crotch was in my face, I didn't complain, it had been 2 months since I had even the slightest whiff of cock! Scott returned later with our drinks and retreated to the bar whilst we got our helpings from the self service buffet. 

I was the first to return to the table, having sat down I noticed Scott staring under the table trying to catch a glimpse between my legs. I knew what he was doing and wanted him so much, Ipretend to drop the napkin so when I leaned over to get it, it was my opportunityto slightly open my legs and give him a quick look. By this time the girls were back at the table and hungrily tucking in to their meal and Scott had been called a way to another table. 

I kept my little bit of exposing a secret to the rest of the girls who all commented on his good lucks. "I bet he has a " said Michelle, "I would let him pound me any time" said Lene. I was determined to have Scott all to myself.

About an hour later all of us had finished eating and the other girls headed for thedance floor which was upstairs, I wanted to wait around for Scotts return, luckily ten minutes later he came around and cleared the table, reaching over the table right next to me I could see his bluge slightly crushing over the table ledge, he was BIG! I asked him if he had found what he was looking for when he was looking under the table earlier he replied "I was trying to see if that napkin you dropped accidently fell between your legs", this left me feeling slightlyembarrassed but very horny!

"Oh, well as it happens I found it, did you see anything else between there?" I asked rather cheekily, he replied "I dunno I would have to have another look, why dont you wait in the toilets for me?". Not one for passing down a shag in the toilets by the hottest guy I had ever seen I agreed and told him to be there in five minutes.

Five minutes later I heard a tap on the cubicle door, I opened it and Scott was there not a minute late. I dragged him in and we started to kiss very hard, he was forcing his tongue down my mouth and it was so erotic, finally about 2 minutes later we stopped and he started to lick my mouth andtongue which obviously lead to another 2 minutes of kissing. Then I felt his hand on my two firm pert breasts, he was squeezing them very hard which felt orgasmic, he was moaning very loudly as he fondled my breasts under my top. Then he finally ripped my top and bra off and started to lick my tits and sucking on my nipples. 

It suddenly occured to me that we were making so much noise but nobody seemed to be aware. I asked him how he managed to get into the ladies toilets and he told me that he had shut them for cleaning. This was amazing we could make as much noise as we wanted.

Having just sucked on my tities for 5 minutes I sat down on the toilet, my face was starting straight at the bulge in his pants, hungrily I started to rub his hot crotch, then un zipped the zipper and started to wank him off inside his trousers, he was moaning very loudly and his eyes were half shut with anorgasmic look on his face. Finally he ordered me to take out his cock and suck it, naturally I obliged un buttoning his tight trousers dropping them to his ankles, I did the same to his Calvin Kline boxer shorts, his was about 6.5" long cut and very inviting. 

I opened my mouth and let his hot member slide inside. Violently I started sucking on Scotts knob, inhaling his manly scent and tasting his precum, he wrapped his arms around my head and began face fucking me. His shirt was getting in the way so I unbuttoned it and let it drop to the floor and caressed this abs, he had a slight bit of hair on his chest and a hot trail of pubes from his belly button to his cock, I started to lick his balls and then I popped them into my mouth, he told me to stop and picked me up and kissed me, licking his taste from my mouth, then he picked me up again and sat me on the cistern of the toilet.

Putting his hand on my g-string he began to flick my clit which was dripping wet, he then slid the material to one side allowing him to enter his index finger into my , he entered two more fingers and I was moaning loudly as he withdrew them all and started licking me out, once he had had enough of this he finally took my g string on, sniffed it and stuffed it up my hungry cunt, then he took it back out and dropped it on the floor and whispered into my ear "I'll be keeping thatthank you". Then I said to him "Fuck me now Scott". He didn't need telling twice, he opened my legsfurther and inserted his cock into my pussy, this was the best feeling ever, having not been shagged in 2 months, he thrusted in and out of me whilst cupping my breasts and kissing me violently. "AHHHHH YEAH OH FUCK YEAH YEHA YEAH IM CUMMIN FUCK ME YOU DIRTY " xnxxv sunny leone video Scott screamed I retored "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH AH AH AH AH AH YYYYYYEEEEEAHAAA KKKKEEEEEPPPPP FUCKIN ME HARDER, HARDER, OH GOD" this obviously pushed him over the edge as Scott moaned even louder and came inside of my , as he came he licked my mouth which lead to us kissing, Ihadn't orgasmed at this point and told him not to stop, and stop he didnt! He went on for two more minutes enabling me to reach my . 

He withdrew his knob from my aching pussy and went down and gave it a kiss, before getting dressed. "I was serious about your g-string" he said, and with that he gave me a farewell kiss and pocketed my g-string. I dressed and joined the rest of the girls on the dancefloor, and thought to myself "we are soo coming here when its Diane's 18th!".