Sauna Exhibitionists

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Sauna Exhibitionists

I was just imagining that you were sitting in a /sauna/">sauna on your own when a couple came in and sat down opposite you. As they start to kiss you notice that their hands are starting to wander and you are unsure about whether to stay or go. As he eases her bikini top down and starts to kiss her breasts she catches your eye and smiles reassuringly, so you decide to stay.

As he teases her nipples with his mouth her hand runs up his thigh and squeezes the bulge in his trunks and you can't help noticing the outline of his /erection/">erection as she starts to stroke it through the lycra. When her hand slides down his waistband and pushes his trunks down so his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock is exposed to sight you realise that your hand has unconsciously slipped between your legs and is resting on your clit. When you are sure they are not watching old waman xxxgx you you start to apply a little pressure to yourself, feeling your excitement mounting.

Meanwhile she has got on her knees in front of him and is kissing his balls and the base of his cock while she rubs it slowly but firmly up and down, before licking up his shaft and taking it in her mouth. His head is thrown back and his eyes closed as she sucks him. Without removing him from her mouth she reaches down and lowers her bikini bottoms and with one hand starts to rub herself and insert her fingers into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. You can feel yourself getting wetter and wetter as you watch.

She stops sucking and gets up to sit on his lap facing you, lowering herself onto his rigid erection. As he slides in and out of her she uses one hand to tease her own nipples and the other one goes down to rub between her legs. As she does this she is looking straight at you and smiling. You feel unable to help yourself and openly start to stroke between your legs.

As their movements and breathing get faster so does your hand. Finally you see him tense and shudder as he comes inside her and she writhes as her own orgasm hits. Without a word they rearrange their swimwear and walk out of the sauna, leaving you in an almost dreamlike state, not sure bokep sma pecah perawan if what you just witnessed was real or not.