Debbies SuperBlow Mattress

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Debbies SuperBlow Mattress

I guess it only makes sense that a /gorgeous/gorgeous-girl/">gorgeous girl who sells beds for a living might end up getting fucked more than her fair share. Such is DEFINITELY the case with a girl I know. She gets fucked WAY more than her share, mainly because she believes so much in her product. She invites a new guy home to sleep with her every night, mainly to sell them a mattress. Where does she find all these guys? For Debbie, this is NO PROBLEM.

To begin with, Debbie is the classic /blonde/gorgeous-blonde/">gorgeous blonde: tall; slim but WONDERFULLY proportioned with nice, firm breasts and an amazingly /cute/">cute little ass; long blonde hair reaching a third way down her back; exquisitely beautiful eyes; and a breathtakingly /sweet/">sweet yet sensuous smile.

Second, Debbie ALWAYS looks her best. She knows EXACTLY how to put on make-up to highlight every /gorgeous/">gorgeous feature of her face. She knows EXACTLY how to dress to highlight every fantastic aspect of her figure.

Last, but certainly not least, it is widely known that Debbie gives probably the BEST BLOWJOBS in advertising. She has earned this reputation by traveling across the U.S. and Canada giving televised demonstrations of her product. Five minutes with Debbie in the back behind a curtain, and EVERY guy comes out singing the mattress? praises. What they don?t tell the T.V. audience is that Debbie doesn?t in fact have them lie on it for more than a couple of seconds. The rest of the time, she?s kneeling on a foam pillow, made of the same stuff as the mattress, that has been strategically positioned on the floor. Let?s just say that, from that position, even in just five minutes she literally blows every potential customer away.

Recently, Debbie ended up doing a mattress promotion that blew everybody away.

We had scheduled it at big city convention centre. The plan was to open the doors at eight and let the first eighty or sexxxx video ful hd so guys in. Deb then would have all day to ?sell her product and then we?d report the number and percentage who said they then would buy this product as their next bed. Eighty guys. Deb figured five minutes per guy. In ten hours, she easily could be finished.

We started to get wind that Deb?s presence at the convention might attract more guys than we had predicted, so we decided to open the doors at seven and let the first one hundred in. Deb would just blow a little faster and still might finish in ten hours or so. But then two things happened.

First, WAY MORE than one hundred showed up and, second, the convention centre staff accidentally had forgotten to lock the front hall doors the previous night. By the time Debbie arrived at around six fifty, the hall already was swarming with men. We locked the doors immediately, but a rough estimate count told us that there already were eight to nine hundred men waiting for their time with Debbie.

We put our heads together. If we tried herding men outside, there would be great displeasure which would defeat the entire purpose of the promotion. Finally, Deb herself suggested that we lock just her and all eight hundred or so men in the hall for up to a week. We?d let men leave only after they?d been blown, and get their responses then about the bed. We?d have to feed all these men, of course, but the convention hall managers were great. They kept their cafeteria open 24 hours per day for the duration of the event, and sold meals all at half price. It was settled. We led Debbie and xxx sex video download free com her first twenty potential customers into another, smaller room so Debbie could start on them.

At the door, though, one of the twenty commented: ?Everybody knows that Debbie?s just giving blowjobs. Won?t everybody just assume that the blowjobs is the only reason why people?ll say they?ll buy your product??

This got us to thinking so we huddled with Debbie again. One of us suggested that we forego the subterfuge? actually film Debbie giving blowjobs as part of a marathon, six or twelve-hour infomercial? just to prove how much she believes in the product.

?But how does that prove she believes in the product?? he was asked.

?Well?? he said thoughtfully. ?What if, if less than 3 in 5 men say they?d buy the product, Debbie has to blow everybody all over again??

This seemed like a HUGE risk. We looked at Debbie for her reaction.

She seemed pensive and we weren?t sure what she?d say.

?How about four in five?? she said finally? then looked at us all and smiled.

?That?d do it,? we all agreed.

And so it was that Debbie started a televised, seven day blowjob marathon.

Our camera crew is always ready for changes (they?re just GREAT) and so we started with an interview of Debbie in the smaller room. Debbie brushed off her sweater and the seat of her pants so she?d look her best. (Believe me? she already did. She was wearing a tight orange turtleneck sweater, camel colored front-pleated, 2-pocket dress pants, and brown heels.)

The cameras clicked on and the interview started. 

?I?m here with lovely Debbie X. at the downtown convention center in XXX to talk about the SweetDreamer Superfoam mattress. Hello, Debbie,? the mock reporter said.

?Hello Dan,? she answered.

He then asked her about her product and Debbie was great, pointing out all the advantages of this bed over all others.

?You really believe in this mattress, don?t you Debbie?? he asked her finally.

?I really do, Dan,? she answered confidently.

?In fact,? he continued? ?you believe in it SO MUCH that you?re going to give blowjobs to every man in the room, then let them lie on the bed for five minutes to try it out? and if you can?t convince 3 out of 5 men??

?Four out of five,? Debbie corrected him.

?I?m sorry,? he continued. ?If four out of five men don?t agree to buy the mattress before leaving here? you?ll blow everyone all over again. Isn?t that right??

A slight look of panic spread over Debbie?s face. They had agreed that the men only had to agree that they would buy this product as their next bed? not buy it today. But now it was too late. Every guy in the room had heard what Dan had said and it already was spreading like wildfire. Deb quickly composed herself.

?That?s right, Dan,? she said bravely.

?You?ll blow every guy in the room, right?? he clarified.

?Uh huh,? she said sweetly.

?In this room?? he said. ?There must be twenty or so men here.?

?Not this room,? Deb corrected him again. ?In another, bigger room.?

?A BIGGER room?? Dan asked dramatically.

Dutifully, Dan and the cameramen followed Debbie as she led them out the door and along the wall to a smallish make-shift stage that had been erected in the great hall. All the way, the cameras focused on Debbie?s amazingly sweet little ass, flattered wonderfully by the light-colored pants she was wearing. Finally she stopped.

?I?m going to blow all the men in THIS room,? she said, holding her hand out to demonstrate the room. On cue, the cameras panned out to show a seemingly endless crowd of men stretching as far as the eye could see. Also on cue, the men all cheered and the noise was deafening.

?Wow, Debbie! This is REALLY putting your money where your mouth is.?

She laughed. ?I guess it is,? she said.

?Well, Deb,? he said earnestly. ?I hate to say this but? you?d better get started.?

Debbie just laughed.

The cameras followed her and Dan back to the smaller room where a line-up already had formed. Debbie was handed a form cushion to kneel on.

?I hope the cushion holds up,? Dan said. ?You?re going to be on your knees all week.?

?It WILL hold up, Dan,? she said confidently to the cameras. ?This cushion is made from the same materials as the SweetDreamer SuperFoam Mattress.?

?Well? let?s test her out,? Dan said, holding a hand out to help Debbie kneel on her cushion.

?Can I get a blowjob too, Debbie?? Dan asked her as she reached out to undo the first belt and zipper before her.

?Of course,? she smiled. And then she turned, smiled quickly up at her first potential customer, and dove forward to take his cock in her soft, warm mouth.

Deb was AMAZING. Her talented mouth had every guy emptying his load into her mouth and down her throat within five minutes. By two hours, she had blown nineteen men (we gave her a five minute break to tidy up her lipstick and tell us more about the mattress every five blowjobs or so). Yet she still looked so neat and tidy? straightening her sweater and brushing her pants with her hands after every blowjob. A thorough count of the other room yielded a number of one thousand, twenty-three men in line to be blown. We estimated that, at her current pace and working fifteen hours on her knees each day, she could finish the room early on the eighth day. That suited Debbie fine. We postponed a minor show she had planned for the next weekend. We?d appease those people by planning a much bigger show, like this one, sometime in the near future.