Tantra Yoni Puja - Worship Of The Sacred Feminine

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Tantra Yoni Puja - Worship Of The Sacred Feminine
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Tantra Yoni Puja - Worship Of The Spiritual Feminine

Ancient tantra is inextricably laced with the idea of the initial tantra siren Shakti. To be extra precise, Shakti is the symbolic representation of the tantra assumption of the spiritual feminine. This is exactly how a genuine tantra teacher sights all women, and this is how any type of student of tantra have to view them too. Your tanta master should show you that there is no difference in between worshiping the tantra siren Shakti as well as worshiping your woman. Only after that will certainly you go into truth spirit of this ancient art of love and life.

Just as Shakti is symbolic of the tantra siren in every woman, the yoni vagina is symbolic of woman herself. In several ways, it is the resource and font style of her magnificent feminineness and also power. Old tantra considers it suitable - and actually compulsory - to prayer the yoni as a spiritual object. It is from the yoni that all life emanates, and also it need to be regarded as well as treated with that in mind.